Speaker Biography

Ravi Ichalakaranji

KLE Hospital of Nehru nagar India

Title: Penetrating brain injury in a young patient –the mystery revealed

Ravi Ichalakaranji

Dr. Ravi Ichalakaranji is a Resident in General Surgery in BLDE Shri B M Patil medical college and research centre at Bijapur. He has been working as an Assistant professor, and as a Consultant at KLE Dr. Prabhakar medical hospital at Belgaum. Presently he is being in the field of Neurosurgery with various Cranial and Spine Surgery. He has published his articles in various journals. Dr. Ravi Ichalakarnji is the Member of member of Association of Surgeons of India and the Member of Neurological Society of India.



Penetrating brain injury (PBI) is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by low-velocity sharp objects (e.g., a knife) or high-velocity projectiles (shell fragment or bullets); Penetrating brain injury (PBI), though less prevalent than closed head trauma, carries a worse prognosis. Based on current evidence,  computed tomography scanning will be helpful  as the neuroradiologic modality of choice for PBI patients. Cerebral angiography is recommended in patients with PBI, where there is a high suspicion of vascular injury. It is still controversial whether craniectomy or craniotomy is the best approach in PBI patients. The present recommendation for management of civilian penetrating brain injuries is craniotomy and débridement of the skull with replacement of the bone to avoid the future need for cranioplasty.